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GWYDR - Welsh for 'glass'  


One-off hand crafted stained glass and silver jewellery designs; high quality stained glass gifts; and

sculptural lighting made from sea glass and solder. 


Welsh born stained glass artist, Leanne Bunce, has been in business as GWYDR, making exceptional glass jewellery and art since 2003. 


GWYDR produces wearable pendants, as well as cufflinks and other jewellery, in a wide variety of vivid colours. Bespoke, handmade, mouth blown, English Antique Glass features in many GWYDR designs - 'antique', not because of its age, but because it's made using methods that are thousands of years old. Unlike most modern, machine made stained glass, Antique English glass can have texture and bubbles, and a variety of thicknesses and colours within one sheet. It has a clear layer to the front, with coloured glass towards the back. This gives depth to GWYDR jewellery, producing shadows within the glass from the silver designs applied over it. The glass is cut by hand; a mix of molten tin and silver is applied to the perimeters of round, rectilinear and asymmetric glass shapes, which are then overlaid with twirled silver patterns, unique and special to each piece. There is a sense of immediacy and belonging - each pendant made in the moment and yet thoughtfully considered. 


Other stained glass gifts include exquisite GWYDR Guardian Angels, complete with a gift card and handmade pouch for storage; and quirky and durable stained glass key rings with sterling silver designs. 


GWYDR Sea Glass work is very different from the sleek and colourful stained glass pieces. Often hundreds of years old, this glass has been tumbled and shaped by the oceans into frosted and translucent pebbles. GWYDR predominantly sculpts Candle Crowns – crowns of sea glass and solder designed to encircle a living candle flame – but also creates window hangings and other items upon request. The crowns are beautiful in daylight, and haunting and atmospheric when lit at night, carrying with them the romance and wonder of the sea. GWYDR is more than happy to take commissions in this medium, especially using the customer’s own collected sea glass. The investment of harvesting your own glass adds to your emotional connection with the piece you’ve commissioned, and can be a stunning reminder of a special beach holiday, or moments spent with a loved one collecting glass pebbles from the shore.   

GWYDR regularly trades at Greenwich Market, London, SE10 9HZ


For details of market trading dates and other events and fairs where you can buy GWYDR stained glass jewellery and art, check out our Facebook page: GWYDR – Stained Glass Jewellery



GWYDR is a member of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery





0783 7587632

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