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Debby Besford

Debby Besford is an established professional photographer who lives in Norfolk with her family and works throughout the UK.

Her work showcases a rich and diverse portfolio of images specializing in, Contemporary portraiture, Reportage style weddings and Editorial. Her images are beautifully composed with each of her subjects feeling at ease in front of the camera. There is a strong sense of trust and sensitivity between the photographer and her sitters. Her fascination and skills of capturing people are stunning and magical. See, The Wedding Document for more images on Documentary style weddings. 


Consultations are free and Debby is happy to meet you for an informal discussion from Commissioned portraits, Reportage style wedding or a special occasion.  This is part of the service to make each stage as easy and smooth as possible. 


Debby has recently had the honour of being chosen as a select group of photographers by Getty Images. Her work has been chosen by Getty curators for its  'Moment Collection,' that is recognised for outstanding talent.

As a professional photographer Debby also enjoys working on personal projects. This includes, trips to the USA, East Africa, Moscow, SW France, Barcelona to name but a few. Her touring exhibitions and publications range from national newspapers to exhibitions and books. Check out her book, titled, The Boudoir of the Burlesque Performer.


Her clients include, The Arts Council of Great Britain, The Guardian and Independent Newspapers, The Wellcome Trust, Ocean Music Trust, Meridian Television, BBC and Channel Four, Getty images, Millennium Images and Plain Picture.

Debby has worked in the industry for over twenty years and also teaches to undergraduates and postgraduates as an Associate lecturer at prestigious universities in the UK as well as tutoring creative photography workshops in Barcelona and Girona, Spain. She has a Masters Degree in Photography and is passionate about the medium and researching her ideas, before embarking on her next assignment. 


For all commissions and quotes contact Debby, via email or phone.   07812663448



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